Our Values


Our mission is to be part of the stories of the women who inspire us. We do this by offering quality wardrobe solutions especially made for women, and by aligning ourselves with initiatives that move women forward.


We are fuelled by knowing that life is too short and we are driven to do the things we love. We are passionate about leading by example, acting with courage, and daring to believe we can make an impact. 


We are uncompromising on our work ethic, honesty, and accountability. We are individuals that make up a community, and we are accountable to all our stakeholders. We are committed to our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and treating everyone how we wish to be treated.


We strive to create a community that empowers women and advances all women forward. We closely align with, and focus our corporate social responsibility initiatives on gender equality, quality education, and sustainability. We want to contribute to an ecosystem that values moving these goals forward.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe in actively seeking out change and questioning the status quo. We ask for forgiveness, rather than for permission. We are optimistic about the future of the community we are building, and the future of women in the workplace. We believe that execution is the key to success—don’t tell me, show me.

Sustainability & Quality

At SEWT, we believe in buying less garments at higher quality. We are believers in slow fashion. Our products are made from high quality, sustainable materials, such as wool. As we only produce our garments on a made-to-order basis, none of our materials are wasted. Our SEWTs are designed to be timeless, and our materials made to last, with carefully selected styles. Our returns will always be either donated or reused.


We believe that a fulfilling life is a pie chart of everything that makes you, you. We believe that work-life balance means getting things done, and then leaving to pick up the kids. We believe ‘work hard, play hard’ means making sure our customers are happy, and our employees are taken care of. We believe that if too many days go by without having fun, we need to re-evaluate our perspective.