Our Story

The Femme Clothier

Our mission is to be part of the stories of the women who inspire us. We do this by offering quality wardrobe solutions especially made for women, and by aligning ourselves with initiatives that move women forward.

Our story involves three founder – one doing her MBA, another fitting bras, and the third selling suits to men. While they were inspired for different reasons, they came to the same conclusion: women deserve better – better options, better access, and better quality. They started on opposite sides of the country with no connection to each other, but they were solving the same problems. Both in search of making a powerful impact and changing the way women view wardrobing, it was only a matter of time before their paths would cross. What first started as a friendly conversation between two brands challenging the tailoring industry, would grow into a combined effort to bring meaningful change for the women of today.  

At SEWT, we believe that what we wear matters – because the clothing we choose have an impact on the lives we lead. From the way it makes us feel to the ability it has to empower others, your choices matter. We’re on a mission to provide the tools needed for building an intentional wardrobe. Through sustainable practices, female-led initiatives, and customized solutions, we’re here to change your relationship with clothing. 

We started this journey with our signature offering: the power suit. Because this is a symbol for women and the earned rights and freedoms it represents. The peak of the power suit in the 80’s was a time when women were fighting to be on the same level as men professionally and associated dressing like one as a large influence on their results. Today women are more educated, involved in the workforce, and represented in executive teams than ever before. Which means we’re in need of the appropriate tools and services to support the growing demand. We are no longer trying to fit into the male standard, but instead embracing that we can co-exist with adapted solutions made just for women.

Let us help tailor your story. 

Because what we wear matters.