Let’s bring back the trend of not following trends!

What happens when we start to dress for ourselves and our bodies instead of what we think we “should be” wearing. My mother is brilliant at being a mother. We spoke recently on some of the strategies that she implemented as a part of my development when I was little. One of these strategies was...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Clarissa Roque

The women in our community #SEWTUp in many different ways. In the case of Clarissa, who is a master chocolatier and placed 5th in WorldSkills 2019, she goes from SEWT Jacket to Chef’s Jacket. And it’s Clarissa’s birthday today, so it’s only SEWTable that our next feature would be on her.  Get to know her...
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Ready For Your First SEWT? What’s Next?

So you’re ready for your first SEWT! Hurray! But what do you do next? Continue reading to learn more about the process. For our local clients: If we have a studio location in your area (or a pop-up!) feel free to check out our Curated styles on our website to learn about what styles we...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Darlene Rivero

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! It is also Day 1 of our Kingston Pop-Up. Find us at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre (421 Union Street) from 5 – 8pm on the first floor! We also have a SEWTable Series for our always growing SEWT community. Today we have Darlene Rivero. Get to know her below! 1. Favourite...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Rachelle Rivero

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our SEWT community. On today’s SEWTable Series we have Rachelle Rivero, wearing a custom Blazer Dress. Get to know her below! 1. Favourite SEWT? The Burgundy SEWT Luan wore (By the way, it’s a Custom Cora Blazer and The Pantsuit Pants!) 2. What are you learning/training for in school? ...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Meredith Micks

Our SEWTable Series focuses on conversations with womxn that we find inspirational and represent our SEWT community. Did you know that Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the week? Makes sense if you think about it: Monday you’re settling down from the weekend, Wednesday has middle child syndrome, Thursday is almost...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Beth Thompson

Our SEWTable Series focuses on conversations with womxn that we find inspirational and represent our SEWT community. Who better to represent the womxn in the SEWT community…than the womxn in the SEWT community. Which means that we have a very strict policy on the types of models we use for SEWT: Height: all heights Weight:...
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Fabrics – it’s not all about colour.

When building a professional quality wardrobe, it’s important to have some fundamental knowledge about fabrics, and colour is just the first step. What makes a durable fabric? Why should you, as a consumer, choose natural fibers over synthetics? What things do you need to keep in mind when shopping for say, your new SEWT?  Think...
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Patricia Roque SEWT Spotlight

SEWT Team Spotlight – Patricia Roque

For this week’s SEWT Team Spotlight, we are lucky to be introducing our new SEWT team member, Patricia Roque! Patricia is SEWT’s Designer and a graduate of the Wilson School of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), which won “Best Overall Design School In Canada” as well as “Best in Long-Term Value” and “Best in...
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The Slow Fashion Movement

Instant-gratification. Cheap, but trendy. Delivered to your doorstep in 2-3 business days. Fast fashion is everywhere—and it needs no introduction. This roaring tidal wave of fast fashion has flooded thousands of stores and our modern consumer habits, yet an antithetical fashion mentality exists that has been growing in following—the slow fashion movement. We’ve increasingly been...
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