The Slow Fashion Movement

Instant-gratification. Cheap, but trendy. Delivered to your doorstep in 2-3 business days. Fast fashion is everywhere—and it needs no introduction. This roaring tidal wave of fast fashion has flooded thousands of stores and our modern consumer habits, yet an antithetical fashion mentality exists that has been growing in following—the slow fashion movement. We’ve increasingly been...
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Your Work-Life Blend

It’s 4:50pm and you’re finishing up a regular day at the office. You get an email from your project manager that you received feedback from your client and they’d like a revision back first thing tomorrow morning. You’re going to have to stay late to work on the new revision. This is fine—you’re excited about...
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About SEWT Events

SEWT’s mission is to build a community to help women grow in their professional careers, and empower women to show the world what being a professional woman truly means. One of the ways we do this is through SEWT Events. By participating in women focused initiatives, either through events that we host or by aligning...
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