Let’s bring back the trend of not following trends!

What happens when we start to dress for ourselves and our bodies instead of what we think we “should be” wearing. My mother is brilliant at being a mother. We spoke recently on some of the strategies that she implemented as a part of my development when I was little. One of these strategies was...
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Earth Day

Why “slow fashion” is both good for you and our planet

A realistic approach to a sustainability-conscious lifestyle One of my best friends loves to run marathons. As a non-runner, the idea of marathons totally overwhelms me. It just feels like too big of a goal to ever achieve. Even though I know that big accomplishments start with small efforts, I still feel a mental block...
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Women in suits chatting

“Can We Afford You?”

Have you ever heard the line “Can we afford you?” If so, what do feel when you hear this? You must be really expensive – potentially a backhanded complimentI don’t see the value in what you bring to the tableTruly we don’t have the budget but wish we did We’ve heard this line in multiple...
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Are you a Boss Babe or are you a Boss?

Boss babe. Girl Boss. “She”EO. Mom-preneur. Shero. Female-CEO. What feelings bubble up for you when you hear these terms? Does it feel empowering and supportive? Or does it feel condescending and belittling?
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Kendra Scurfield

Our SEWTable Series focuses on conversations with womxn that we find inspirational and represent our SEWT community. On today’s SEWTable Series, we are very excited to introduce Kendra Scurfield, a Canadian business leader, amazing mentor and investor, overall female powerhouse – and also celebrating her birthday today! Get to know her in her SEWTable Series...
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Tailored Tips For Creativity

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." - Maya Angelou
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For Zoom Calls That SEWT You

It’s funny when we look back to January, zoom calls weren’t a thing, and when used as a verb, zoom was more commonly used in a sentence like, “I just need to zoom to the store.” Back in January, zoom calls were a novelty, not the norm. Fast forward four months, and for many, the...
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To The Class of 2020

To the class of 2020, perhaps you are the luckiest class. You’ve seen the wrongs of the world; you’ve felt the ruthless stab of disappointment – having your final semester stolen mid-course. As a class, you understand reality – because you were forced to live it. You recognize that life moves forward – regardless if...
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Mastering the Art of Confidence

Across Canada, anxiety is high – as we face the uncertainty of the economy reopening, our job security, and the unknowns of what life will look like in a month or three.  A recent survey by Stats Canada reports that one in four Canadians has lost work as a result of the pandemic and that...
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Well Designed Tips for Working From Home

Design success for your work from home lifestyle. Pre-pandemic, we would often daydream about the freedom of working from home. When days at the office are jammed with back to back meetings, it was easy to romanticize about the freedom of working at home.  As the pandemic lingers on, working from home has become our...
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