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Let’s bring back the trend of not following trends!

What happens when we start to dress for ourselves and our bodies instead of what we think we “should be” wearing. My mother is brilliant at being a mother. We spoke recently on some of the strategies that she implemented as a part of my development when I was little. One of these strategies was...
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Earth Day

Why “slow fashion” is both good for you and our planet

A realistic approach to a sustainability-conscious lifestyle One of my best friends loves to run marathons. As a non-runner, the idea of marathons totally overwhelms me. It just feels like too big of a goal to ever achieve. Even though I know that big accomplishments start with small efforts, I still feel a mental block...
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Are you a Boss Babe or are you a Boss?

Boss babe. Girl Boss. “She”EO. Mom-preneur. Shero. Female-CEO. What feelings bubble up for you when you hear these terms? Does it feel empowering and supportive? Or does it feel condescending and belittling?
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Canadian suiting for women

Welcome to the next generation of SEWT

At SEWT, we believe that what we wear matters – because the clothing we choose has an impact on the lives we lead. From the way it makes us feel to the ability it has to empower others, your choices matter. 2020 has been the year of change and resilience, and we know 2021 is...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Amy So

We’re in the middle of November and it’s +12C in Vancouver!  Today is bright and sunny, just like our next feature with Amy on our SEWTable Series. Read about her below! Favourite SEWT? The Cora. I love high-waisted pants, and this SEWT makes me feel like a million dollars. My next one is going to...
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Ready For Your First SEWT? What’s Next?

So you’re ready for your first SEWT! Hurray! But what do you do next? Continue reading to learn more about the process. For our local clients: If we have a studio location in your area (or a pop-up!) feel free to check out our Curated styles on our website to learn about what styles we...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Darlene Rivero

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! It is also Day 1 of our Kingston Pop-Up. Find us at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre (421 Union Street) from 5 – 8pm on the first floor! We also have a SEWTable Series for our always growing SEWT community. Today we have Darlene Rivero. Get to know her below! 1. Favourite...
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Rachelle Rivero

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our SEWT community. On today’s SEWTable Series we have Rachelle Rivero, wearing a custom Blazer Dress. Get to know her below! 1. Favourite SEWT? The Burgundy SEWT Luan wore (By the way, it’s a Custom Cora Blazer and The Pantsuit Pants!) 2. What are you learning/training for in school? ...
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SEWT x FolioYVR October 2019 Issue

Suiting and luxury aren’t usually the things you think about when we talk about the West Coast. But #suits can be formal and fun, while #luxury can be approachable and inclusive.  At SEWT, we’re creating experiences that have traditionally been reserved for a select few. We want to help redefine what West Coast luxury means....
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SEWTable Series: Interview with Ruth Kelly

Brands like ours could not exist without the kindness of industry veterans who are open to collaborating and exchanging knowledge. One of these experts is @ruthkelly_ruthistruth who is the CEO/Founder of @weftxwarp, a boutique global fabric consultancy based in Vancouver BC. Ruth has three decades of fabric and raw materials experience from a variety of international companies, encompassing...
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