Canadian suiting for women

Welcome to the next generation of SEWT

At SEWT, we believe that what we wear matters – because the clothing we choose has an impact on the lives we lead. From the way it makes us feel to the ability it has to empower others, your choices matter.

2020 has been the year of change and resilience, and we know 2021 is going to be a year of growth. We have been taking time to reconsider how we can best serve our community and navigate the obstacles that have been put in front of us. So after months of planning, we are thrilled to be able to finally announce this with you.

SEWT has officially re-located to Toronto and combined efforts with Nicole Bach to bring you one unified brand:

SEWT: The Femme Clothier

Custom suiting for women

This relationship started as a collaboration between two separate brands, but this year has taught us that there is power behind community. We share the common goal of wanting to create meaningful change for women and their relationship with their wardrobes. We share the common vision for women to feel included and supported. We share the common passion for ethical and sustainable practices. And now we are sharing the resources and energy it takes to make those dreams a reality. 

“Competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better”  

We started from different angles, but quickly realized we could take our combined learnings and experiences to create larger value together. The concept of women’s tailoring is an incredibly niche and challenging market, so to find someone who shared the same insights, mission, and ambition simply seemed serendipitous. As professional women, we were frustrated with the lack of options, quality and sizing available for business attire. Tailored options seemed non-existent or, for one reason or another, out of our reach. Our disappointing experience with workwear allowed us to recognize a gap and an underserved niche in the marketplace. This sparked a larger conversation around our belief that women deserve better – better options, better access, and better quality. We deserve to be listened to. For us the start to a solution comes in the form of custom services tailored to your body, no matter the shape or size.

When women support women, we know great things can happen. This started as a discussion around the powerful influences in our lives, and the intent to share war stories and resources with a fellow entrepreneur, but quickly turned into something more. By combining our efforts we are supporting each other to create a larger platform. Through both suiting and a variety of additional initiatives we align ourselves with, we hope to make some real changes to the retail landscape. We both strongly believe in the power of lifting others up in order to create an impact, and this starts with ourselves. Collaboration over competition is not just a cliché for us, that mindset has dictated how we approach business, create relationships, and how we want to make an impact in the world. This is just the beginning for our journey, because we’re on a mission to inspire change on a global scale. 

You will see many more partnerships and collaborations down the pipeline, because we are on a mission to support and empower small brands that make an impact and advocate for accessible sustainable practices. Together we are thrilled to help women discover the power in their stride when armed with the right tools to succeed. 

To start, this announcement means several significant changes to where and how you can experience SEWT.  

How It Works: 

  • In-Person Appointments: Adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, we are taking exclusive one-on-one appointments at our studio located at #638-121 Richmond Street, Toronto Ontario
  • Virtual Appointments: We are taking consultations over Zoom and can go through your design and style choices all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Pop-Ups: Once we are allowed to travel again, we will be popping up at a city near you (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg). Keep an eye for a pop-up in your city.

There are also new ways to get into a SEWT: 

This is the beginning of a new chapter for SEWT and we look forward to sharing more about what this means for you in the weeks and months to come. 

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