Google Trends is a cleaver SEO tool that comes in pretty handy for staying in the know! As a small startup, we rely on the analytics of Google Trends to keep us current on keywords, informed on our competitors, and relevant to our audience. At SEWT, we’ve found success in utilizing the features of Google Trends! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite features, in hopes you too can you the tool to up your online presence.

For those of you asking, “What is Google Trends?”

“Google trends is a google product that allows you to search for the popularity of specific google queries. “

What we love about the function is that in addition to being able to see if a trend is on the rise, Google Trends also allows us to see the demographic insight and related search topics of googled words, phrases, and questions.

Our 7 Tailored Tips For Google Trends Success:

  • Use Google Trends to Help Find a Niche – If launching a business of your own is on your to-do list, you can use Google Trend to help identify gaps in the market and the popularity of a trend. If you set your search date range from “2004 to Present,” you’ll be able to see how explosive the growth of a niche market has been. (A great example of an explosive niche is Oat Milk.
  • Use Google Trends to Help Expand Your Business – As a small business, we look to google trends when trying to identify ways we can grow and expand vertically into products our audience is already searching for. For each trend you search for, the Google Trends algorithm will share with you related search topics.
  • Use Google Trends to Better “Keyword” Market – We use google trends to help us name our product categories and products and optimize our blog content. When adding a new product to our e-store, we look at the “related queries” of the product. Researching a specific product’s related searches allows us to see what potential customers are looking for and enables us to best use smart keywords in our product names, descriptions, and categories.
  • Use Google Trends to Boost Seasonal Sales – Most businesses have some seasonal popularity drive associated with them. As a small business, it’s common to see interest peak and dip for your products. At SEWT, we use Google trends to identify when we need to promote individual styles and products we need to develop.
  • Use Google Trends to Create Current Content – When you access Goggle Trends, you’ll land on the home page, which features the days “hottest” search topics. While much of the content is celebrity related, there are business and news stories that pop up. Creating content that plays to the days most searched questions is a great way to use SEO content marketing to drive eyes to your website.
  • Use Google Trends to Best Place Your Ads – We’re a small business, which means we have to be smart with our money. Before we launch an ad, we like to check in with Google Trend’s Shopping Feature. The shopping feature helps you identify the best time to place your ad based on your product’s seasonal dips.
  • Use Google Trends to Keep an Eye on Your Competitor – Thanks to a little help from Google Trends, it’s easy to measure your brand to your competitors using the “compare” function. Through “compare” you can keep an eye on up to 5 competitors (or search terms). If a particular competitor seems to be growing faster than you, it’s a sign to check out their marketing and see what they’re doing differently.

“As a small business, Google Trends is an incredible resource that has helped us grow despite the worldwide economic slump.”

In the spirit of supporting other small businesses, we hope our google trend hack guide helps you chase your professional dreams.

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