LOMSH, By Hand – Baby Merino Wool Sweaters Promoting Better Lives For Women

At SEWT, we’re on a mission to provide womxn with the tools they need to succeed. 

As an organization, we believe in supporting and partnering with other women-led organizations. We believe that when we as women come together and support one another, we can make the world kinder. 

In our support of women-led businesses committed to bettering the lives of women, we were introduced to LOMSH by Hands, a small women-led company based in Kosovo. LOMSH, by Hands, (pronounced lom-sh) creates beautiful hand-knit baby merino wool sweaters. The name LOMSH, comes from the Albanian word “lomsh” which was chosen because of the words double meaning. In Albanian, the lomsh is the ball of yarn; and colloquially lomsh refers to ripple effect that is spun from each good dead. Each sweater, crafted by LOMSH, by Hands, is hand made by an underprivileged woman from rural Kosovo. 

Kosovo is a Southeastern European State, which has been in territorial dispute with Serbia for decades. In 1998, tensions between Kosovo and Serbia escalated to a full out war. Kosovo remained under Serbian rule until 2008, when the country unilaterally declared its independence. To this day, the small nation of Kosovo, with a population of just 1.8 million, remains the second youngest country in the world. 

As a result of years of conflict, the country continues to grow and is working towards growing its middle class. LOMSH, by Hands, is focused on helping marginalized women knit better lives for themselves. 

Each LOMSH, by Hands, 100 % baby merino wool sweaters are made with love honouring the cultures centuries old tradition of knitwear; and each sale directly benefits women in need. As a second world country, Kosovo has lowest global employment statistics for women in the workforce. In 2018, only 12.3% of women of working age were employed. The founders of LOMSH want to change the narrative for women in their country, they want to be part of the solution for allowing women to create their own economic independence. By supporting LOMSH by Hands, you are helping to raise the economic wellbeing of women globally. 

All LOMSH, by Hand, 100 % baby merino wool sweaters sweaters, are made to order – and can be tailored to your color preference. Please contact us to inquire about purchasing one of these sweaters. 

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