Tailored Tips For Creativity

Look on the Creative Side.

Over the past four months, our creativity has wained as we’ve worked to process our emotions and our fears associated with the global pandemic. As creatives, it’s been harder than usual to find inspiration for the new projects and new ideas. 

The vast unknowing of what next week, next month, or next year will look like, is exhausting. 

Research is popping up around the world that shows the mental challenges posed by the ongoing worldwide pandemic. 

With our ability to predict the future’s flow, based on intuition earned from past experiences, now blurry and blind global anxiety is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, for most of us, when we’re forced to live in a state of prolonged stress, the angst can wreak havoc on our mood, productivity, and creativity. 

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have. – Maya Angelou

Although we’re trying to do our best to remain focused and productive ideas are coming in slower than usual. As frustrating as it is to feel “off” we’re focused on trying to feed our creativity

While our usual channels for mitigating stress may be unavailable, we at SEWT are finding ways to make the most out of our new ordinary. For us, this means adopting new tools to promote our creativity and productivity. 

As challenging and unnerving, as the current worldwide situation is – as leaders, we believe it’s our responsibility to find ways to stay positive and energized despite our fears. Facing fears with pragmatic optimism, creativity, and resilience will help keep our teams’ morale high and productivity up.

To practice self-love and kindness throughout the trying times of 2020, we’ve worked to become more gentle with ourselves. To our surprise, the compassion we showed to ourselves and our peers has allowed us to remain creative.

Tailored Tips For Inspiring Creativity 

–      Indulge yourself with a little self-love– have a bubble bath, light some candles, read a book, turn off your brain. Over the years, we’ve discovered that some of our most creative ideas have sprung from the moments when we’re not thinking of being creative.

–      Solve what annoys you –Throughout our day, we all face annoyances of some sort. Instead of “ignoring” what annoys you – try and solve it. For example, if you can never find your keys in your purse, put them in a dedicated pocket. When we free up our psyche of things that annoy us, we have more mental space to be creative.

–      Go for a run –lace up your sneakers, find a playlist with a steady beat, and hit the pavement. For many, ourselves included, the repetitive action of running allows us to meditate actively. As you run, let each thought go.

–      Start writing –  Grab a pen, find some paper, and practice dumping your thoughts and words on paper. Tangibly writing words down allows you to empty your mind symbolically. When we empty our mind of the garbage, we create new space for new ideas to form.

–      Try something new –Discover a new route to walk, try an original recipe, or strike up a conversation with someone new. When we take ourselves out of our “usual” routine, we allow our brains to take in new stimuli that can activate creativity.

–      Call a long-distance friend– call up a friend who calls a different city, or country home. Shoot the breeze, and catch up on challenges that are affecting them. When we connect with our people who live in different cities and countries, we can open our minds to new knowledge that will make us wiser.

–      Watch a Foreign Film – Turn on the subtitles and escape to another culture through film. Foreign films are a great way to experience what life is like in other countries while we’re unable to travel. The beauty of foreign films is that they allow you to dive into human stories that are globally relatable while being immersed in different cultures. Just 90 or 120 minutes of a foreign film can spark your mind with new solutions to your chronic challenges.

We’d love to hear from you and learn how you’re staying on top of your tasks while working from home! If you have any requests for our next career advice blog send us your suggestions at [email protected]

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