SEWTable Series: Interview with Kendra Scurfield

Our SEWTable Series focuses on conversations with womxn that we find inspirational and represent our SEWT community.

On today’s SEWTable Series, we are very excited to introduce Kendra Scurfield, a Canadian business leader, amazing mentor and investor, overall female powerhouse – and also celebrating her birthday today!

Get to know her in her SEWTable Series below:

1. First things first – what is your favourite SEWT?

I’m obsessed with the Rivero Overcoat – and wear it on the regular as an oversized blazer. It’s perfect for classing up any outfit from post work leggings to jeans and cowboy boots. SEWT wise – The pantsuit is my go-to for big meetings.

2. Quick! Your Elevator Pitch of who you are?

I’m Kendra Scurfield, the Director of Brand and Communications at Banff Sunshine Village – the leading ski and snowboard resort in the Canadian Rockies, love all things outdoors, a creative, and I’m a proud Partner in SEWT.

3. What keeps you busy?

As the Director of Brand and communication at Banff Sunshine Village, I oversee our creative marketing, resort branding, social media, media relations, external communications, and events. I love what I do for work – and enjoy getting to be creative on the daily.

My career path as a creative has taken me from Vancouver film school, where I studies acting and writing to Gonzaga University where I earned my degree in marketing and public relations. After a few years of work experience, I enrolled in the MBA program at Haskayne School of Business.

As an avid skier and snowboarder, I knew that I wanted to work for Banff Sunshine Village (which is my family’s business) since I could walk. My position has evolved over the years and I’m lucky that I’ve been allowed to bring my strengths forward to craft a role that focuses on the creative elements of marketing and communications.

4. What motivates you every day to do so many different things?

Problems, and creative problem solving motivates me. I love to be able to brainstorm ideas to transform a problem into an opportunity. Thankfully in an operations heavy business there are always situations that arise that require you think on your feet.

5. What is your favourite part of your job? Or the most challenging?

Creating brand campaigns! I love being able to create a campaign from start to finish – and I love directing the visuals of the campaigns. It’s also fun to create new products and to be able to interact with our guests.

The most challenging – can I say COVID?

6. What are you most proud about yourself so far?

I’m most proud of my creativity and my ability to drive projects forward. Work wise, I’m pretty proud of how my team has elevated our end of season party “Slush Cup” to be the must attend event in the Canadian Rockies. Last year the event was recognized by Travel Alberta as the Event of the Year.

7. One word to describe your personality?

GAME. I’m game to try things out, game to give it my all, game to find mutually beneficial solutions.

8. Why do you think it’s important to dress well?

Dressing well is about respect – which, along with kindness, is the most important thing you can give someone. When we dress well, we show respect for those we interact with and for ourselves.

9. Who is your female inspiration or role model?

I’m blessed to have grown up in a family where women where encouraged to chase their dreams and to work to become whatever they want to be. Both my grandma and my mom were medical doctors – my inspiration are all the women who embrace who they are and what they want to be. When we make being a businesswoman, lawyer, doctor, dentist, pilot, normal we inspire generations to believe it’s normal to work for the life you want. That’s inspiration.

10. Go-to professional or personal advice for any womxn?

Be yourself. Be kind. Ask questions and accept that you’ll have failure in your life. Every failure is a powerful lesson that builds the character we all need to succeed.

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