Introducing: SEWT & NICOLE BACH

Both in search of making a powerful impact, it is no surprise that our paths crossed with a competing brand in the women’s tailoring space. We were both on a mission to reform the retail experience and lift up the community through the power of self confidence. What started as a simple exchange over social media, has quickly blossomed into a collective effort to fight the same fight. We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Nicole Bach, a Toronto-based female tailor. 

“Competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better.”

Although, we started from different angles, we quickly realized we had the same goals. The concept of womxn’s tailoring is an incredibly niche market, so to find someone who shared the same insights, mission, and ambition was a clear opportunity for collaboration. As professional womxn, we were frustrated with the lack of options, quality and sizing available for business attire. Tailored options seemed non-existent or, for one reason or another, out of our reach. Our disappointing experience with workwear allowed us to recognize a gap and an underserved niche in the marketplace. This sparked a larger conversation around our belief that women deserve better – better options, better access, and better quality. We deserve to be listened to. For us the start to a solution comes in the form of custom services tailored to your body, no matter the shape or size. 

“SEWT’s mission is to be part of the stories of the women who inspire us. We do this by crafting suits especially made for women, and by aligning ourselves with initiatives that move women forward.” – SEWT

“As Toronto’s Femme Clothier, Nicole Bach is on a mission to provide women of all shapes and sizes access to convenient and quality wardrobe solutions. “ – Nicole Bach

At SEWT & Nicole Bach, we believe that what we wear matters – to be successful, you need the proper tools to do the job, which for us includes confidence. Confidence comes in many forms – from how we dress to the female-initiatives that we align ourselves with. When dressed in a wardrobe that fits comfortably and the support of the community that we want to build, we find ourselves with the courage to concur the day and our dreams. 

When women support women, great things happen. What started as a discussion around the powerful influences in our lives, and the intent to share war stories and resources with a fellow entrepreneur, quickly turned into something more. By combining our efforts we are supporting each other to create a larger platform. Through both suiting and a variety of additional initiatives we align ourselves with, we hope to make some real changes to the retail landscape. We both strongly believe in the power of lifting others up in order to create an impact, and this starts with ourselves. Collaboration over competition is not just a cliché for us, it’s a mindset that has dictated how we approach business, create relationships, and it’s how we want to make an impact in the world. This collaboration is just the beginning for our journey, because we’re on a mission to inspire change on a global scale. 

As proud female Canadians, we are starting here on our home turf, but have big dreams for something much larger. This is the beginning of a platform that will educate, unite and lift up the female community. You will see many more partnerships and collaborations down the pipeline, because we are on a mission to support and empower small brands that make an impact and advocate for accessible sustainable practices. Together we are thrilled to help womxn discover the power in their stride when armed with the right tools to succeed. 

For now, this means you can look forward to a permanent and ongoing presence in Toronto. While we remain in beautiful British Columbia, we’re excited to be able to serve the community in Ontario with this new partnership. You can expect the same product offerings, fabric selection and  lead time. But now you will be able to experience SEWT through the Nicole Bach showroom located in the core of the financial district in Toronto. 

SEWT (Suits Especially for Women Tailored) is a female-founded company that provides custom made-to-measure clothing for women. Founded in Vancouver in 2018, SEWT was formed out of a simple idea – women wear suits too. Sparked by her MBA classmates struggling to find high-quality, timeless  corporate clothing options, and after having spent her career in industries where suiting was the norm and women of colour were still trying to find their voice, she set out to create a brand that could give womxn a platform to empower their professional lives. SEWT aims to empower women by providing them with high quality, timeless and sustainable corporate clothing options.

Based in Toronto, Nicole Bach was founded in 2018. Oksana started her career working closely with women in a retail career focused on intimates before moving into the luxury apparel space. There was a common theme throughout the industry in women struggling to not only find pieces that actually fit, but also to understand what to look for in the first place. After completing an undergraduate degree in business, she started Nicole Bach on a mission to reform the shopping experience for women. Through custom fit clothing and shopping services, the goal is to support women in feeling their best so they can perform their best.


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