Well Designed Tips for Working From Home

Design success for your work from home lifestyle.

Pre-pandemic, we would often daydream about the freedom of working from home. When days at the office are jammed with back to back meetings, it was easy to romanticize about the freedom of working at home. 

As the pandemic lingers on, working from home has become our new normal. Gone are the spontaneous coffee meetings, gone is the idle chatter. Although we miss the social interactions of the office, we’re finding routine in our new nine to five. 

To help you make the most of your WFH life, we’ve rounded up 8 useful tips to help you stay productive, positive, and personable while you master the art of working from home.

Well Designed Tips for Working From Home:

  • Stick to Your Routine – Treat your WFH days just as you would a regular day at the office. Set your alarm, get dressed, call your coworkers, and do your best to stick to a schedule. Having a routine will help you maintain structure in both your professional and personal lives. (It will also make the transition back to office life more manageable, whenever that may be.)
  • Set Aside Time to Workout – The health benefits of exercise are endless, especially when it comes to busting stress by generating feel-good endorphins. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can do wonders for your mental health. Sign up for a virtual class from your favorite fitness studio, or lace-up and go for a run.
  • Get Dressed– Not going to lie, without the structure of the office, it’s tempting to throw your hair back into a messy ponytail, as you stumble from bed to your makeshift workspace for your first call of the day. Fight the urge, and get dressed as you would for a (semi-casual) day at the office. By getting dressed in your work clothes, you are signaling to your brain that it’s work time. The simple act of dressing the part will help you maintain focus throughout your work from home experience.
  • Make Yourself a Dedicated Work Space –Whether you live in a one-bedroom condo or a mansion in West Van, we encourage you to make yourself a dedicated workspace. Where you can tackle your to-do list distraction-free. Decorate your workspace, so it feels both comfortable and inviting. Put up some photos, find a desk plant, do what you need to make the space yours.  
  • Message with Your Coworkers, (like you would at work)– What we’re missing most about office life, is the social aspect. Working from home can feel pretty isolating, especially when you’re not in constant contact with your fellow team members. Set up a group chat with your coworkers and let them know you miss them. Chances are they’re struggling with feelings of isolation too.
  • Eat Your Veggies –Perhaps the biggest trap of working from home is the 24/7 access to the kitchen and all the (not so good for us) snacks hidden in plain sight. While working from home, make it a habit to stick to a healthy diet while you’re working from home. If you need a three pm snack, slice up some veggies. (We promise when it comes time to put on your SEWT you’ll thank yourself for saying no to the sweets.)
  • Take Your Calls To Go, if you can– If you’re finding yourself frustrated at the feeling of being cooped up all day, stuck to your computer, get up and get outside. Take your call for a walk. Just being able to get up from your desk will help you relax, which in turn will result in a more productive phone call.
  • Quit for the Day– One of the biggest downfalls of working from home is the blurred boundaries between home life and work life. Stick to your routine, and have a designated daily quitting time. After hours, turn off your work notifications and use the time to have an at-home date night, or to connect with your friends and family.

We’d love to hear from you and learn how you’re staying on top of your tasks while working from home! If you have any requests for our next career advice blog send us your suggestions at [email protected]

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