Mastering the Art of Confidence

Across Canada, anxiety is high – as we face the uncertainty of the economy reopening, our job security, and the unknowns of what life will look like in a month or three.  A recent survey by Stats Canada reports that one in four Canadians has lost work as a result of the pandemic and that another one in 4 Canadians is worried they will lose their job in the next quarter. 

For many of us, it’s the first time in our lives where we do not know what the future will look like, or if life as we knew it will return. Not knowing what the near future will look like is maddening. Making plans, especially large ones, seems impossible. 

Here at SEWT, we’re working to keep our heads up and to remain positive despite the surplus of unknowns. Emotionally, living in the COVID era has been exhausting. Despite having places to go, days seem to blur together as some tasks get sent to the backburner. 

Energy-wise, just living through a worldwide pandemic is exhausting. We miss our friends, our family, our routines, and of course, the comfort of being able to go outside and interact with the world without fear. Right now, getting through the day is more challenging than ever. Despite a windfall of free time, just getting through our day’s to-do list is a challenge enough.  

Let alone the constant voice in our head telling us to set new goals – whether it be learning a new language, starting a new venture, or turning into a version of Martha Stewart. Right now, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel off. It’s okay to put tasks on hold. 

At SEWT, to help us achieve our day’s tasks, we implanted a 3, 2, 1 strategy. 

Now, before we get into the details of our 3,2,1 Strategy, we want you to take 3 deep breaths on each exhale, let it all go, and tell yourself that you got it. 


  •     Three –Set three small goals you want to achieve. Write them down., These goals can be as little as making the bed, eating at the table, or going for a walk around the block. By giving yourself three small goals you know you can easily achieve, you’ll find yourself in a “can do” mindset. When you’ve completed the goal, cross it off. Give yourself a high five. 
  •     Two –Set to medium-sized goals for the day – these goals should be a bit bigger but still readily achievable. For your medium goals, think to commit to a one-hour workout, organizing a messy drawer, or watching a webinar. When you’ve made it through your two medium goals, cross them off your list. Would you look at that, just one to go!
  •     One –Set one big goal for the day. Ideally, this goal should be a bit of a challenge – we recommend picking a task you’d rather put off – like cleaning out your closet, cleaning out your inbox, filing your income tax, or submitting a report to your manager. We encourage you to choose a big goal that is actionable. When you get through it, cross it off your list and give yourself a little reward. You just made it through your goals for the day.

Try our 3,2,1 strategy for a week. Start small, and as you go through the week crushing your goals, challenge yourself by making the goals a bit bigger and a bit more complicated. By committing to 3 small goals, 2 medium goals, and one big goal a day, we’ve noticed improvements in our confidence, our mindset, and our productivity. 

We’d love to hear from you and learn how you’re staying on top of your tasks while working from home! If you have any requests for our next career advice blog send us your suggestions at [email protected]

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