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SEWTable Series: Interview with Amy So

We’re in the middle of November and it’s +12C in Vancouver!  Today is bright and sunny, just like our next feature with Amy on our SEWTable Series. Read about her below!

Favourite SEWT?

The Cora. I love high-waisted pants, and this SEWT makes me feel like a million dollars. My next one is going to be in white pinstripe!

What do you do for work?

I’m an Executive Assistant, and no, contrary to popular belief I’m not as organized as one would expect (although I’m slowly adopting the Kondo way!). Organization is only a small part of what I do, and I would say that problem solving and anticipating things before they happen are my main functions at work.

What are you most proud about yourself?

I’m proud that I’m able to support myself and my growing family – cue Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child!

One word to describe your personality?

Awkward, silly and happy. Sorry, I used three words.

Female inspiration/role model?

My mom is my inspiration because she’s a real life superwoman! She’s the hardest working person I know. She gives and doesn’t expect anything in return. Now that I’m a mom as well, I’ll be happy if I can be half as amazing as she is in supporting my little one.

Go-to advice for any woman?

Be strong, and be kind! Kindness goes a long way and is contagious.

Have an inspiring womxn that is inspiration in the SEWT community (yourself, a friend, a coworker!), e-mail at to be featured!

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