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SEWTable Series: Interview with Clarissa Roque

The women in our community #SEWTUp in many different ways. In the case of Clarissa, who is a master chocolatier and placed 5th in WorldSkills 2019, she goes from SEWT Jacket to Chef’s Jacket. And it’s Clarissa’s birthday today, so it’s only SEWTable that our next feature would be on her. 

Get to know her below!

1. Favourite SEWT?

The Roque SEWT, crafted by my dearest sister Patricia Roque.

2. What do you do for work?

I am an apprentice chocolatier at Chez Christophe! I make chocolates and I eat them.

3. What are you learning/training for in school?

I am cuurently working towards my Red Seal in baking at Vancouver Community College.

4. What are you most proud about yourself?

I am proud to have participated in Skills Canada and competed internationally at WorldSkills.

Clarissa Roque worldskills competition

5. One word to describe your personality?

Funny (Self-proclaimed). Unpredictable, possibly.

6. Female inspiration/role model?

I’ve gained a little from every women I’ve met!

7. Go-to advice for any womxn?

You do you.

Have an inspiring womxn that is inspiration in the SEWT community (yourself, a friend, a coworker!), e-mail at to be featured!

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