The Pantsuit SEWT women tailored blazer and pants in grey

SEWTable Series: Interview with Meredith Micks

Our SEWTable Series focuses on conversations with womxn that we find inspirational and represent our SEWT community.

Did you know that Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the week? Makes sense if you think about it: Monday you’re settling down from the weekend, Wednesday has middle child syndrome, Thursday is almost the weekend, and Friday is Friday. 

But how about turning every day into something great? Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s following your passion, grinding the corporate grind, or taking a well deserved break, lean into it and strut your way through. 

Just like our model Meredith in The Pansuit SEWT. Meredith is the epitome of amazing energy regardless of what she’s doing. Get to know her below!   

1. Your Favourite SEWT?

The Michelle Skirt with the Pantsuit Blazer 

2. What do you do for work?

Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus (aka Account Manager). 

3. What are you most proud about yourself?  

The strong and supportive network of friends and family that I have surrounded myself with! By surrounding yourself with motivated, driven and badass humans, you to become a motivated, driven Badass.

4. One word to describe your personality?

Only one word! That’s hard…. confident, determined, honest.

5. Your Female inspiration/role model?

Ellen Degeneres- because everyone can always use a reminder to be kind to one another. 

6. Go-to advice for any woman?

ALWAYS ask and make sure your voice is heard. The answer is always no if you don’t ask!

Know a womxn that is inspiration in the SEWT community (yourself, a friend, a coworker!), contact us or send us an email at to be featured!


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