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SEWTable Series: Interview with Beth Thompson

Our SEWTable Series focuses on conversations with womxn that we find inspirational and represent our SEWT community.

Who better to represent the womxn in the SEWT community…than the womxn in the SEWT community. Which means that we have a very strict policy on the types of models we use for SEWT:

  • Height: all heights
  • Weight: all weights
  • Ethnicity: all ethnicities
  • Experience: has taken at least one selfie

Today’s SEWTable series is a fun feature with one of our models, Beth Thompson. Get to know her below!

1. Favourite SEWT?

Feeling sexy-casual in my Roque Blazer. My fav style is with a tee and jeans, easy but dressed up. I could wear it anywhere. 

2. What do you do for work? 

I work with business owners and managers about how to help support their culture and help people do their best work through workspace, typically when they are going to move or make a change.  I represent a global, US-based family-owned furniture manufacturer called Haworth

3. How do you keep growing in your role?

I learn about my job at Haworth and my profession in interior design in targeted ways; through attending and giving Continuing Education Units related to design and business topics such as “Focus in the Workplace”. Next chapter: learning to paint!

4. What are you most proud of?

I’m the most proud of being a supportive mom, and that I have adult kids that care about their lives and the impact they have those around them. Working to be their best, always learning, happy, and that’s a good place to be.

5. What is one word to describe your personality?

I’ve been told before that my word is “warm”. I liked it.

6. Who is your female inspiration?

Outside of my mom (for real!), I learned important financial lessons years ago by reading books by Suzy Orman. I had a mind shift and learned simple tools to help reshape my financial future.

7. Go-to advice for any womxn out there?

At some point, life is going to hurt. Disappointment sometimes comes in unexpected ways. Take the time to feel it, talk about it with someone other than your friends and family. If you already have a mentor, this might be your person. Moving forward and feeling good again will come faster and run deeper.


Know a womxn that is inspiration in the SEWT community (yourself, a friend, a coworker!), contact us or send us an email at to be featured!


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